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An escape game or real-life escape room is a game where you and your friends try to escape from a physical escape room. In most cases you will get exactly 60 minutes for this. The themed rooms will be set up in such a way that you will have to solve a number of riddles and puzzles within the hour. Hopefully just in time to work your way out. Escape games are accessible to everyone. During the 60 minutes you will experience different emotions such as joy, indignation, euphoria and stress. Escape games are the ideal trip for a fun evening with friends, family or colleagues.


Escape games find their origin in a specific genre of computer games. Here a player must try to escape from a digital room. When in 2006 some software developers in San Francisco decided to build a physical escape room, this quickly became a hit. The physical escape rooms saw the light of day in the United States, Japan and Hong Kong. Soon the craze blew over to Europe. The first escape room in Belgium opened in Ypres in 2014. Meanwhile you can find several escape rooms all over the country.

Escape Games Belgium


We go back to 2015. This is the year where several escape rooms opened in Belgium. We noticed that it is hard to find where to play, so we decided to build the website Escape Games Belgium. In November 2015 we went online. At that time you could escape on 8 locations in our country.


Escape Games Belgium wants to become the digital reference for escape rooms in our country. At the moment we mainly focus on transparency. We do this by literally putting all escape rooms on the website and regularly updating the data. This way you as a user have a complete overview of what's on offer. Furthermore, we want to create transparency by providing escape room reviews. As a player you can leave an objective review for your escape room, so you can help other players to make a choice.

Adding an escape room

Are you the owner of an escape room or have you found a new room? Please contact us and we will be happy to add it to our list. We also provide the possibility to put your escape room in the spotlight. For more info, feel free to give us a call.

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Players find quality very important. This results in a full hour of gaming fun and that's what we all want! As the owner of an escape room you can collect reviews, so that new players get an indication of the quality. Do you have a nice room and a lot of reviews? Then add the review widget to your website and help the players to make a choice.



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