County East-Flanders

In the county East-Flanders you will find no less than 21 escape games. In total you can escape from 67 escape rooms in this county. In short, there is plenty on offer for a fun escape activity in your area.

The province of East Flanders has a lot to offer regarding escape games. At the moment you can find escape rooms in Ghent and Dendermonde, just below the Waasland. Especially in Ghent the number of escape games is growing like mushrooms. With four escape rooms the escape games seem to become the capital of Flanders.

The escape rooms are also easy to reach from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in the Netherlands. Take up the challenge and escape from one of the many available escape rooms.


Escape games in county East-Flanders

1 Rooms Ghent

2 Rooms Ghent

2 Rooms Temse