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Whether you are 16 or 70, whether you are organising a teambuilding or want to celebrate your birthday in an original way, or whether you just want to have a good time with friends or family... With an escape game, fun is guaranteed! You will be locked up with your allies in a specially designed themed room. The aim is to 'puzzle' your way out within 60 minutes. No prior knowledge is required. However, communication and teamwork are essential during the game. Is there a puzzle or riddle that you can't solve? Don't panic! A little tip will get you further on your way.   
Room #1

Château Elize

Wheelchair accessible
+ 16 years
2 - 5 players
60 min(s)

Your best friend Elize is about to marry her partner Daniel, whom she has known for barely 3 months. As best man, you are invited to the party location, "Château Elize". Upon arrival, both the location and the groom are not what you expected... Despite the age difference of 20 years, they are overjoyed. All you know about Daniel is that he has a great passion for chess and that he is a professor of astrology. After a three-month relationship, he has already asked Elize to marry him. The wedding will take place in exactly 3 weeks and will take place in the castle of the same name "Château Elize". You are the best man and Daniel has invited you to the venue to make the final arrangements. When you arrive at the castle, you have a strange feeling... it seems a bit deserted and it is awfully quiet. A newspaper article lying in the room makes you start to ask yourself questions about Daniel. Is he really the right partner for Elize? Discover the secret of Château Elize and find out who Daniel really is!


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